About me

Jennifer Manefield

I have a past in nursing, as a mother and housewife, as well as teaching and sales management in the creative sewing field and they all contribute to who I am. But for some time now life has been pushing me in the direction of Professional Organising.

It started in 2013 with moving back to Australia after 24 years of living in Italy. I had to examine what I owned and how much of it was essential to my quality of life.  A year as a volunteer coordinator at a Vinnies store exposed me constantly to other people’s relationship with their things. A number of personal experiences around illness, death and grieving helped reinforce the knowledge that personal possessions can overwhelm not only our physical space but our psychological space too. They can be oppressive and confusing and sometimes we need help from a third party to give it all some perspective and a rational order.

I have become passionate about how various conditions and changes such as depression and ageing can affect our relationship with our possessions and how we manage them. In early 2017 I gained Expert Accreditation with the now inoperative AAPO ( Australasian Association of Professional Organisers). As a member of ICD (the Institute for Challenging Disorganization), I actively pursue professional development in areas such as ageing, hoarding and chronic disorganisation. Where possible I explore all avenues of relevant studies to build my knowledge and expertise. Motivational interviewing, dementia studies and project management are just some of the areas in which I have undertaken further training.

Recently I have begun to work in the rapidly evolving disability sector with NDIS participants, their nominees, plan managers and the organisations representing them.

Please call me for a conversation about your situation and how I might be able to help you. Although based in Sydney I am willing to travel anywhere.