How I Can Help

How I Can Help

Three-hour Sessions and Packages

Three hours is a good block of time to see progress and can be modified according to your stamina or needs.

I generally carry with me all the equipment required for an on the spot evaluation and service. If you are clear on what you require and we both agree on the steps to take, then work can begin immediately. These sessions are invoiced and paid upon conclusion of the service.

Sessions can be scheduled back-to-back for an urgent task or as regular weekly or monthly assistance. If the job is extensive then I offer 5 and 10 session discount packages. Great way to do a major declutter when things have gotten away from you because of your busy lifestyle.


Managing a Complex Declutter, House Move, Estate Clearance or Squalor Situation.

This requires a team effort and I can plan, source and manage other Services as much or as little of this as you require. These are individually assessed and quoted.


Team Leading Sessions

You may require my assistance over a full day or weekend to team lead a family or friends declutter.

It might be somewhere like the garage or packing up for a move. This includes a plan of action and if you wish, organising and coordinating other services such as rubbish removal, cleaning or removalists.


Document Declutter

Overwhelmed by paper? Sessions can be organised that are specific to documents and memorabilia. I can sort all that paperwork into 7 major categories and will then help you prioritise their management.

A further and more refined documentation management plan may be negotiated and contracted on an individual basis. This may involve permission to contact family members and significant others, the relevant solicitors and accountants to verify search requirements or document significance, and digital storage.


A Consultation with a Written Plan on how to Manage your Situation

Sometimes you have the manpower but are unsure about the best way to proceed and how to source other services. Talk to me so that you can clarify the best way forward or let me write the plan.


Special Needs

Do you have complex medical, psychological or mental health issues?

Are you an organisation or facility that assists people with these needs but your staff do not have the skill set to manage, or the man-hours available to assist clients or residents who struggle to manage their personal possessions?

Involved with the NDIS as a Participant, Support Coordinator or Plan Manager?

Let’s talk.


You can be involved in the physical process of decluttering as much or as little as you want, but it is important that you are fully involved in the decision-making.