Are you a Professional Organiser looking for practical experience?

You may have undertaken Professional Organiser training before starting your business or are simply looking to gain some exposure before taking on your own clients.

 If you are in the Greater Sydney area, maybe I can help.

I often have clients who are better served by the assistance of an organising team. I am happy to engage other organisers. I am willing to cater to your needs around school hours, childcare and other obligations. I match my client’s needs to an organiser’s interests, ability and skill set. As we work you will be exposed to planning, ongoing management and the choices we make about not only clients but the running of a Professional Organising business as a sole trader. There is no one right way. Rather it will help you consolidate your own ideas and plans for your business. It is also a great opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals for support, collaboration and future referrals.

I do, however, expect the following from all organisers who wish to work with me:

  • An ABN and correct invoicing practice;
  • To provide me with the COC of their PL & PI insurance;
  • To provide me with a copy of their current Police or WWC certificate;
  • The willingness to sign a subcontracting Agreement relating to your work with my clients.

This is because I am passionate about the Professional Organising Industry and Best Practice.