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It would seem a truism that in life it never rains it pours.

But each of us has had years in our lives where work, health, relationships and circumstance just seem to conspire against us. The result is clutter and disorganisation that makes what should be your refuge (whether your entire home or just your bedroom) part of the problem. Add to the mix anxiety or depression and the overwhelm sets in.

So while seeking help from someone can seem to add to the sense of failure, it is actually a gesture of self-love and self-respect. You pushing back. In a short space of time, you acquire a sense of achievement and peace of mind as you take back control.

As a Professional Organiser, it is amazing to work alongside people in this situation, supporting, guiding and sometimes mentoring them. Watch as the sadness and slouch becomes a smile and a bounce in their step. Slowly stepping back as they reacquire confidence and motivation, taking back their personal space as just one step in dealing with their “annus horribilis”.

Might seem counterintuitive but the biggest sign of success is when your client says “ I don’t need your help anymore”.