Are you a self-managed Participant, a Support Coordinator or a Plan Manager?

For the last 4 years, I have assisted people and entities such as Aged Care Facilities, NSW Trustees & Guardians, Charitable Organisations and Partners In Recovery. Over the last 12 months, I have been involved with the NDIS in the following ways.

  • Helping people manage their household and personal paperwork. Culling, organising and setting up simple management systems.


  • Assisting people who struggle to make decisions about their personal possessions. Decluttering to live more comfortably and safely. Finding the best way to dispose of excess or no longer needed possessions.


  • Tenancy is at risk because of clutter and squalor, or Registered Service Providers won’t allow their employees into a home for WH&S problems. I assess, plan and coordinate an entire clean-up.  I have run teams that include other Professional Organisers, Forensic Cleaning, rubbish removal, laundry and furniture cleaning services. I liaise with all stakeholders. Whatever is required to safeguard a participant and move their plan forward.

Because of registration requirements in NSW, I am currently a Non-Registered Provider but I look forward to July 1, 2018, and assessing the changes to national registration requirements.

I provide copies of my Certificate of Currency for PL & PI insurance and my Police Certificate. I hold copies of the same for any other Professional Organisers involved in teamwork, and other subcontractors as appropriate.

I provide a Service Agreement, copies of my Terms and Conditions and invoice with the appropriate line items as required by the Plan Management.